IBM Watson Services and Solutions


Boost your competitive advantage with advanced AI tools
from IBM Watson and IBM Partner Influential Software.

IBM Watson Services and Solutions - Influential Software UK

Harness Your Data with IBM Watson AI

✔ free up employee value by automating repetitive tasks

✔ predict and shape future business outcomes based on data

✔ exceed customer expectations with self-teaching AI

✔ foresee and avert damaging system failures

✔ glean insights from vast amounts of enterprise data

IBM Watson Services and Solutions - Influential Software UK

Ready for AI?

Unlock Your Potential with IBM Watson Services

Use IBM Watson’s AI capabilities to transform your services and processes.


Accelerate Research & Discovery

Boost your productivity with IBM Watson tools that can easily process millions of data points.
• IBM Watson Discovery
• IBM Watson Knowledge Studio
• IBM Watson for Drug Discovery

Enrich Your Interactions

Satisfy customers with tools that reduce response times and tackle more transactions.
• IBM Watson Discovery
• IBM Watson Assistant
• IBM Watson Marketing Insights

Anticipate & Preempt Disruption

Use IBM Watson AI to catch potential issues in your essential systems and processes.
• IBM Watson Discovery
• IBM Watson IoT Platform

Recommend with Confidence

Use AI to make informed decisions, give tailored advice, and deepen customer relationships.
• IBM Watson Discovery
• IBM Watson Knowledge Studio

Scale Expertise & Learning

Harness the power of your employees by empowering the whole workforce with AI.
• IBM Watson Discovery
• IBM Watson Assistant
• IBM Watson Knowledge Studio

Detect Liabilities & Mitigate Risk

Use AI to keep up with constantly changing regulations and privacy obligations.
• IBM Watson Discovery
• IBM Watson Cybersecurity
• IBM Watson Care Manager

Transform Your Industry with IBM Watson Solutions

Gain a competitive advantage with IBM Watson solutions tailored to your industry.

• Customer Engagement

Improve end-to-end customer experiences from the first touch through to delivery.

• Education

Empower educational organisations to improve learning outcomes with AI assistance.

• Financial Services

Manage risk and compliance using IBM RegTech powered by AI and analytics.

• Health

Use cognitive solutions, artificial intelligence,
and big data to solve health challenges.

• IoT

Drive growth and business transformation with an integrated view of all your assets.

• Media

Speed up captioning and enhance video with AI analysis that learns from your material.

• Talent

Future-proof your talent strategy with AI that helps you find the right talent faster, based on trusted data.

• Work

Integrate IBM Watson with your collaborative software to structure content and design workflows automatically.

Looking for industry solutions?

About Us: IBM Watson Specialists

From our first IBM client back in 1993 to the hundreds we work with today, Influential Software has championed digital transformation in the UK.

With that inside knowledge of IBM’s evolution over the years, our consultants provide an expert view of how your business will benefit.

And by combining our hands-on experience with IBM Watson’s capabilities, we ensure each client has a tailored solution with long-term value.

Influential Software - IBM Watson Services and Solutions

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